P is for Pirate!


This Sunset Pirate Ship craft looks much more complicated than it is.  I think its fabulous!  Via Busy Bee Kids Crafts.

How cute is this paper plate pirate craft?  Too cute.  Via I heart Crafty things.

What kid wouldn't love this?  Ahoy Matey! Via Inna's Creations.

"How I Became a Pirate" by Melinda Long:
Aye! Treasure! That's how it all began. The pirates needed a place to bury their treasure and noticed Jeremy Jacob expertly building a sandcastle. After that, everything was pirate, Pirate, PIRATE! He ate, drank, slept, and breathed pirate. He learned everything pirates do-- and loved every moment of it. Well, almost every moment. You're invited on the adventure of a lifetime with Jeremy Jacob, Braid Beard, and the rest of the pirate crew as they go through the ups and downs of pirate life. 

"The Pirate of Kindergarten" by George Ella Lyon:
Doubles are good for lots of things—double scoops of ice cream, double features at the movies. But double vision is NOT a good kind of double. In fact, it can make kindergarten kind of hard. Ginny sees double chairs at reading circle and double words in her books. She knows that only half of what she sees is real, but which half? The solution to her problem is wondrously simple: an eye patch! Ginny becomes the pirate of kindergarten.With the help of her pirate patch, Ginny can read, run, and even snip her scissors with double the speed! 

Check out this crafty and clever snack!  Via Make and Takes.

A different spin on the pirate ship.  Via Special Pre K.

One-eyed Jack

One-eyed Jack, the pirate chief,
Was a terrible fearsome ocean thief.

He wore a peg,
Upon his leg;
He wore a hook-
And a dirty look!

One-eyed Jack, the pirate chief,
Was a terrible fearsome ocean thief.


Click here to play The Backyardigans Pirate Adventure!

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